Friday, 20 March 2009

Seeking Common Purpose

I have always thought finding a Common Purpose is an important part of leading change. This was brought home to me even more when I read Obama's Nowruz speech, and the Guardian commentary on it.

'Obama is reasoning that on first introductions, it pays to stick to what you have in common'.

In his speech Obama calls for a sense of partnership and highlights the need for a better future together.

I don't think the need for this search for Common Purpose needs to be restricted to world leaders. I think the lack of desire to find Common Purpose is at the heart of so many of our social and economic problems. There are so many different opinions, approaches and outlooks that we have to deal with if we are leading change, and this can a lot harder to get rid of than airline baggage, especially in the case of Iran and opinions over nuclear armament. But to be able and willing to get everyone around the negotiating table the first thing that is needed is a willingness to find a sense of Common Purpose.

I think this is something more than just vision. It has to be something that all parties see and often can only be achieved by creating it together. Obama's Nowruz speech is a step in this direction. It's a proposal for finding some Common Purpose that I hope will be enough for people involved to decide to come around the table for.

This Nowruz speech isn't a one off either, Obama has been calling for a renewed Common Purpose in many of his speeches. Will it be enough to make a difference?

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